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Sweet Revenge

62 Carmine Street, New York, NY 10014
Front Counter

It was a happy coincidence that on the lovely October afternoon while roaming in the West Village, we walked into Sweet Revenge Cafe to sample the menu and snap some photos, just as Marlo Scott, owner and entrepreneur extraordinaire, was standing at the counter also snapping photos. Our photos included some of the meal-sized cupcakes shown here, that are the café’s signature dessert; hers were of breaksfast and lunch items she was thinking about adding to the menu.

When I heard that the café specialized in cupcake and wine pairings, I was a bit skeptical and a lot intrigued. Was it possible that someone could successfully pair two disparate but favorite food groups and make my dreams come true? Well, tasting is believing. The suggested pairing of Sweet Revenge, the signature cupcake of peanut butter cake, ganache filling and peanut butter fudge frosting, with a glass of Malbec, was definitely a tastebud tantalizer. And if time and calories were not an issue, this would be an indulgence that could easily become a habit for all seasons. There are many combinations listed on the special cupcake, wine and beer pairings menu. Think Casablanca (pistachio cardamom cake and rosewater buttercream) and a Moscato Spumante to celebrate spring; Bird of Paradise (lime chiffon cake with mango buttercream and lime zest) with a Mango Bellini on a summer Sunday; Ma Cherie (black velvet cake, cherry jam centerand cherry-chocolate ganache) with a reserve Port for a fall evening; Nog (eggnog cake with spiced cream cheese frosting) and Kwak artisan Belgian beer on a cold winter night.

Tuscan Bread

By all means go for the cupcakes, but be sure to sample the rest of the menu, too. The café offers a breakfast menu, with everything from Belgian waffles to  Scotch Eggs; a weekend brunch menu with familiar items done with a twist, like the Oatmeal Savory Skllet. The lunch menu lists four varieties of savory cakes, among the salad and sandwich fare. For our lunch/snacktime visit  the Tuscan savory cake made with roasted red pepper, caramelized shallots and Parmesan, served with roasted red pepper sauce and a mesclun salad hit the spot, as did the truffled mac & cheese, and the ham and brie on baguette that we shared.

Side Room

The cupcake flavor combinations were so enticing that I ordered a few to take home to share (maybe!) with the family. For those who think big, the signature cupcake flavors are available in a 7-inch single layer cake size by special order. Other cakes in artisan flavors, cookies and layer cakes are also available by advance order.

When Marlo made her way to our table to introduce herself, she was happy to tell us how she arrived in the restaurant business from the publishing business, how the restaurant name came to be, and her plans to extend the Sweet Revenge name to clothing and perfume, and other things, yet to be named.  We can't wait to see what's next.

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