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It's All About the Sweet Life!

At this time of the year, it's a given that we'll be indulging, maybe even over-indulging in sweets. But, it's also true that often throughout the year, we just want something sweet. It doesn't have to be a bar of super-dark bittersweet chocolate (70% estate-grown cacao beans, please) or a sizable wedge of flakiest-crust-ever apple pie with cool and creamy vanilla-bean ice cream.It could as simple as a drizzle of honey on fresh blueberries, a dollop of strawberry preserves on toast or a splash of aged balsamic vinegar on a pear and gorgonzola salad. 

If the last few sentences of the paragraph above, and a lot of the sentences below sound familar to our subcribers, it is because they appeared in the Sweet Talk column I wrote for the inaugural issue of this magazine.

I thought it was worth repeating, because I feel so strongly that there is a place in our lives for a variety of sweet options.

Fact is, no matter what form it takes, most of us love, love, love the sweet stuff: Sugar, be it brown, granulated, powdered or otherwise; honey from alfalfa to wildflower, natural sugar in fruits and some vegetables, is what we love.

It's all around us, and to a greater or lesser degree, most of us love it, hate it, crave it. We indulge in it like crazy in winter holiday treats, and then swear it off in January, only to dive into that divine heart-shaped box of heaven in February. We give it up for Lent, then gleefully bite the heads off marshmallow chicks and chocolate bunnies in April, then swear it off again as we anticipate or dread swimsuit season, where we sit at the pool sipping summer coladas. We swear it off yet again after Labor Day in anticipation of indulging in it like crazy in winter holiday treats! And so it goes.

We love the sweet stuff so much that we keep inventing other, new products to replace this stuff that we love so much, and in which we have so way over-indulged, that we now need a substitute or pacifier to wean us off the stuff we love so much.

But, we all know that in many ways the sweet things make life bearable, and that's why we see a place at the table for And we hope you do too.

This year, we've seen the idea that I first envisioned over two years  ago come to life. We've brought you ideas for incorporating a bit of sweet and a lot of sweet into your daily eating. We hope you've enjoyed it, and that you continue to enjoy it in the year to come.

We'd love to hear from you! Tell us what you like, don't like, want more of or less of. We're looking forward to hearing from you, and to bringing you new features, recipes and interviews in the coming year.

We wish you many sweet moments this month and,

Merry Christmas!   Joyeux Noel!   Feliz Navidad!    Buon Natale!

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